Sep 25, 2012

Summer photos

Splashing in the puddles
In my 4.5 years of motherhood neither of my children have ever fallen asleep while eating until this July. All of a sudden things were very quiet at the snack table...

So cute

Fabulous street party mostly organized by our fabulous Miro.

Mmm, a cup full of candy :)

We borrowed a bouncy castle for the street party and our kids had many afternoons of bouncy fun for the next week.

The tall ships are the other direction

Oh, there they are!

A proud backyard raspberry harvester

The amazing bunk bed designed and built by the amazing Miro. Isaiah is still thanking Miro for this and now he and Audrey are sharing a room to smiles all around.

And off to Edmonton to visit with Doug. We miss you Doug.

And a chocolate fountain - thanks B&D for being such great hosts

Family photo at our old haunt - Strathcona baptist church

The former pastor's kid racing through the aisles

...and playing at the communion table

Love ya Sheena

The grown up babies playing together

With Sue, Mark & Zoe

Our brave climber

Isaiah & Caleb spotting a triceratops

Now off to BC for lots of blackberries

And hanging at the schoolyard

And the beach (what a cute beach bum)

Cadboro bay

The running of the goats in Pamploma (aka beacon hill park)

Little hand waiting to feed the ducks - thanks Auntie

On top of Mt. Doug

The birthday girl

Sleeping with bunny

First day of school 2012

Gramma kisses

The last of summer - camping in Chester

And beach bumming at Bayswater beach

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