Aug 2, 2012

Summer Fun in Halifax

Some pictures of our life together here in Halifax and about the province!
Raspberry picking in the valley - Audrey probably ate as much as we picked!!! 

Another raspberry eater! 

Isaiah's first visit to the dentist - apparently Mom and Dad's persistence around tooth brushing has paid off!
The new pirate of the Caribbean! 
The new knight of St. Andrews Ave.  The cutest thing happened, Isaiah wanted to wear this outfit to Superstore (our local grocery store), so off he, Audrey and I (Miro) went.  He wore it into the store and everyone was so impressed and lots of people commented on his wonderful armour.  But Isaiah thought they were laughing at him.  Afterwards I asked him how he felt.  He said he was angry, but you couldn't tell with his helmet on!
Audrey on a date with Mom and Dad
The wonderful Christy!
At the end of our street there's the famous Titanic cemetery, where many tour buses stop.  So last week we stopped by the double-decker bus and had a tour.

Yesterday we went to see Leroy the barber (probably the cheapest place in town, $9/haircut!), where Isaiah got his curls cut off! And yes, those are guns and pistols on the wall. Leroy is from Newfoundland and is a collector.
Outside the barber shop with lollipop treats!

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