Apr 17, 2012

Little miss sunshine in Ontario

Walking the driveway at the Farm

Life as always is busy. Work, kids and keeping up a house seem to be enough to make us exhausted by the end of the day. I'm not sure how people keep going with more things on their plates.

We've been enjoying lots of time together as a family. We tried out the bike trailer for the first time on Easter weekend. It's the first time we've done a family bike trip since Isaiah was born. We're really grateful to some friends who gave us their used trailer. Both kids love being taken for a ride. Of course, Isaiah calls it a train.

 We also had separate weekend while Audrey & Miro went to visit family in Ontario and Mom and Isaiah stayed home to work and go to school. It was a nice break from the usual routine and it was great for Audrey to spend some time with Babi & Deda. 

Here's some pics of our little beauties to make you smile.

The windblown look - playing with balloons

It only tastes good if it's all over your face

Helping dad with his sit ups

Looking sharp

Morning milk

The bike trailer

On the wagon

Having a chat

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