Dec 11, 2011

The early Christmas season

We've been having a lot of fun this Christmas season so far. As anyone with an almost 4 year old knows, the concept of Christmas is well understood. Isaiah has been really excited this year. He reminds us everyday to open the advent calendar and counts all the days. He can now count to 25 without stumbling over the 20. As soon as December 1st rolled around he began announcing that it was his birthday.This is the first time we've felt the tension of his birthday being on Christmas since he announced after Audrey's party that he wants a party on his birthday with his cousins over to play in the basement. We'll see how it all plays out. He is a beautiful boy and it's hard to believe that he's going to 4 in just 2 weeks. Miro measured him in October and just last week and he grew an inch in just 2 months.

Audrey is growing too. Just crawling and scooting around everywhere. Her favorite thing to do is climb the stairs which we let her down under close watch. When the gates are up she stands there and screams and rattles the bars. This is to let us know she is becoming a little girl with a mind all her own. On Tuesday she will be 13 months old and she still has no teeth as you can see in the photos. The doctor told us not to worry so we're not and instead enjoying that toothless grin as long as we can.

I think the best thing about the last few weeks has been a real increase in how much Isaiah and Audrey have started playing together. They are crawling over each other and having ticklefests. It's a joy to see.

On a job note, Miro was successful in winning a proposal to conduct a community open house for a trails group who is expanding a trail system in the city. It is a chance for the community to get information about the development and to provide input. This means Miro is involved in all aspects of planning and implementing the open house and then providing the final report. We were so pleased that he was successful in that. This is really the first step towards him beginning a consulting business to do facilitation, strategic planning and community development. You can see some his thoughts and plans about the business on his business blog:

At the same time we are getting serious about planting a church/Christian community in Halifax. In January we will be seeking to build up a team of people with whom we could begin something during 2012. It's still unknown in many ways but we're trusting day by day that the way will open up.

Now on to the cute stuff - photos:
Sitting at the bars
Hi Mom - see how high I can climb
Such a handsome man
Family shoot at a Christmas party
More casual at home
The Christmas concert - note the shepherd on the far right
Close up
Classic Isaiah exit :)

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