Nov 5, 2011

News and reviews from a defunct blogger

Here (finally) are some photos of our little family. In late August we bought a second hand tricycle for Isaiah. He loves it as you can see. We were wishing we'd had it all summer but luckily September and October were unusually warm so we got many walk/tricycle rides in. His favorite place to go is down to the water front where he motors along on the piers.

Audrey is growing. Here she's sporting the hat I knit for her. We had to snap the photo quickly since she's pretty handy at taking it off.

With the hot September weather I was able to take the kids to the beach. Both of them enjoyed the sand - Isaiah playing with his toys and Audrey eating it.

We also picked up a used vehicle for Audrey. So far she hasn't cruised too far but she likes rockin out to the tunes.

Our bluenoser!
Sliding together near hemlock ravine
mmm, spaghetti!
Oh those curls!!
Bubbly big brother
Milk buddies

We enjoyed a great thanksgiving weekend. Of course it included a fabulous dinner with family.

Harvest time - little hands make light work!
Precious moments
The pink fluffy coat
Halloween was a fun time. I've become more crafty with my spare time and I got a bit over ambitious and made costumes for Isaiah and Audrey. We had a little family of kitties.

We went trick-or-treating with our friends the Laprairies with their two little ones.
So a kitty, a monkey and tiger walk into a bar...
Audrey's taken a little longer to get moving but she's finally mastered the fine arts of crawling, scooting and bum shuffling which she uses in a collage of movement. Here's our crawling kitty:

Much of our time is spent in looking for work mode. Miro has been doing some strategic planning/visioning work at the church we've been going too. He's been exploring connections for planting a church so we've been meeting with a group who are planting a home church/missional community. We're still trying to figure out the way forward but we're feeling confident that a way will open up for Miro/us to lead a christian community. In the midst of all the networking/sifting and praying we took a day out this week to go the valley. We visited my grandmother and went to the Oaklawn farm zoo in Aylesford.
Giving Great-gramma kisses
Feeding the goats at the zoo
Swinging at the zoo

But the biggest news of all around here is that our little baby will soon be a baby no longer. Everyday she is bigger and getting into more things. Next week is her 1st birthday. As you can see she is really excited about this milestone:

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