May 9, 2011

Easter & Mother's day

Life at the Rakersons has been busy over the past month. Isaiah has been keeping us laughing with his enthusiasm and our "to do" list has been keeping us moving.

Easter brought with it a lot of fun times. Two weeks before Easter we all headed to Gramma's and Grampie's for a pre-Easter egg hunt extravaganza. Isaiah loved running around the living room with the cousins collecting easter eggs. And the present of a new dump truck and bulldozer were hits as well. You can see Audrey with her new bunny in the photos. On easter weekend, we took some time for chores, worship and fun. Saturday Miro built our new vegetable garden boxes. They look great and are just waiting for dirt to be delivered so we can start planting.

Sunday, Miro did a presentation at a sunrise service at 6 am atop Citadel Hill. The kids and I didn't make it but we heard at the breakfast later that it really spoke to people. He acted his message from the perspective of the man who lived in the tombs whom Jesus set free from many demons (Mark 5). It was presented as Jesus' resurrection, my story (the man from the tombs) and your story (how Jesus wants to free each of us. Isaiah really enjoyed watching him practice. 

After church we had some friend over to enjoy the sunshine in our backyard and to share a meal together. On Monday we headed to Lawrencetown beach to appreciate the ocean and have some fun together. The week before Easter Miro and I decided to eat much more simply as a kind of fast in preparation for Easter. We explained to Isaiah that we wouldn't be having treats that week as a reminder that Jesus gave up so much for us when He died for us and that on Easter special foods would be part of the celebration that He is alive again. We realized the message had gotten through to him when on our way out to the beach on Easter Monday we headed to Tim Horton's drive through. Isaiah exclaimed from the backseat "Mom, Jesus is alive again, we can have timbits!!"

Last week Miro and I went to a two day prayer summit with local pastors and christian leaders. We were in a beautiful space right on the ocean. Isaiah stayed with Gramma and Grampie. It was a great chance for us to spend some time in worship and prayer, to meet many local christian leaders and to have some time for the two of us to talk about our future together. Miro's job with HRM is coming to close at the end of this month so we are again wondering what we will do and how we will serve God in the next months and years. It has been many changes over the past few years so please pray for us if you think of it as we try to figure out where all of this has been taking us.

We had some fun times over the mother's day weekend with breakfast with my parents. Then yesterday I got lots of treats and finished the day with a movie watching session in our big bed. Isaiah loved Curious George. We've also started work on a deck at our house. Miro spent Saturday afternoon digging the first of three 4-foot deep holes for the footings foundations. It's a big job but we'll all enjoy relaxing out there when it's all finished.

Another highlight of the weekend was Audrey's first foods. She enjoyed some mum-mum crackers and her first rice cereal. So far she's loving it and we're been reminded of the joys of food face baby.

Enjoy the photos and let us know how you're doing in your neck of the woods.

Talking with her Easter bunny

A four foot hole - every toddler's dream, every parent's nightmare

The digger

The beach outside our cottage door at the prayer retreat

Mum mum

Mother's day breakfast with Gramma

Mmmm, rice cereal

Mom's movie night

Smiles at the prayer retreat

I'm so happy!

Family photo shoot easter morning


Easter mayhem in our living room - Three families make is a full house

Beach bums

Our cutie

Easter - Kim, Silas, Erica, Marie-Claude with Audrey

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  1. Christy, I just keep smiling with tears in my eyes and cannot wait to hold them, love you kids an see you soon, babu