Apr 6, 2011

February & March

I have been very negligent in posting pictures of our growing girl. She has been busy growing and learning new things. She's getting stronger everyday, pulling to sit, grabbing and chewing on toys, smiling and giggling when she sees mom, dad and brother. Everywhere we go we hear "What a beautiful little girl". As you can see from the pics below what a beauty she is. Just get a load of those eyes! At her four month check up she weighed 13.25 pounds.

Isaiah too is growing and becoming more a little man everyday. His daycare does 6 month progress reports and there was a lot of change in terms of speech and social interaction on the most recent one. His caregivers love having him there and have seen so many changes including playing with other instead of alongside them and complete toilet training. He is such a helpful boy and although he can be reluctant to try doing new things for himself - once he does he is so proud. And so are we.

On the grown up front, Miro and I are finding life with two fun but also a little overwhelming at times. Evenings seem the most challenging and we try to get two little ones to bed. By the time there is quiet in the house all we seem to be able to manage is to clean up in the kitchen and head to bed. To break up the monotony of it all we took a quick trip to Truro to spend the weekend at a hotel with a pool. Isaiah's reaction upon hearing there was a pool was stripping down and running back and forth in the hotel room saying "Let's go swimming, let's go swimming" Well worth the expense. Another highlight was having his bed come out from under the sofa. Oh to be three.

Miro and I have also started an Old testament bible study which alternates one week men with Miro leading and one week women with me. So far it has been a real blessing since we have both missed being in small groups over the past few years.

Miro is gearing up for his last big event as a community developer with HRM. He is organizing volunteer awards which will take place on the 21st of this month. His job will come to an end at the end of May so we are looking for a next step (i.e., new job). It is a bit of a struggle not knowing the next step but we're trusting it will continue to work itself out as it has in the last few years.

On to the cute stuff, pictures:
Sick day (well really sick week)

Exersaucer fun - Thanks Gramma!

Having fish n chips in Truro

Chillin @ the hotel

Filling dad's boots

Oh how i love my whoozit!

Look mom - no hands

Pleased with herself

Those eyes

Being goofy in the carrier

Mom sandwich

Sibling love

Almost 5 months old - April 6

Chatting with Gramma

Grampie, the great story reader

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