Feb 23, 2011


Audrey has reached the 3 month mark. She is no longer a newborn baby. Just in the past week she has started to talk a lot more, to giggle, to reach out to grab things, pick up toys and lift her head off the floor when she is on her tummy. She is really strong and can put weight on her legs when we hold her up. Just a few days ago she has finally figured out how to turn the music on her floor toy. Whenever she is laying on her blanket the music is constant now.

The biggest milestone from the last month has been for Isaiah though. We took the plunge and decided to toilet train Isaiah. It seems that in just one week in underwear and he is trained. He still has an occasional accident but he proved to us once again just how smart he really is. All he needs is a little push in the right direction. We are constantly amazed by him and he is so proud of himself.

Here's our little sweeties; new hat:
Close up:
Pretending to be a penguin in the blankets on mom & dad's bed (a new favorite game):
Tickling toes:
Successful big boy:Kicking:
Looking out the window:
Cuddling in bed post-nap:
Naps with daddy are the best:
I can hold it mom!:
The many faces of Audrey:

Lifting my head:
The faces of Isaiah:

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