Jan 10, 2011

Holidays and a 2 month retrospective

Lots has happened since my 1 month update. We survived our month of sickness and enjoyed the holidays with family here in the maritimes. I've put up a lot of pictures to keep you updated on our little family. You may notice improved photos just before Christmas since Miro took the plunge and bought a digital SLR camera to celebrate the holidays and his upcoming 45th b-day. Enjoy

Crow sighting during the first snow day in late December:
Our little angel at the Sunday school pagent:
A shepherd later in the day at an evening pagent:
We were asked to be the holy family for a reading of the nativity story at 'Sunday suppers' on Dec 19th. Isaiah was very excited telling everyone at day care that 'Audrey was baby Jesus!'
Helping make cookies as a present for all the daycare teachers - he ate more than he gave away:
Oh that laugh!:
Hanging with Isaiah's little friends, monkey & kitty (5 weeks):
New year's day at point pleasant park:
Chatting with Gramma:
Snuggling with mom on Christmas eve:
Christmas eve and all dressed up (6 weeks):
Snoozing in the car seat (7 weeks)
Looking handsome on Christmas eve - thanks for the great outfit Babi!!
Change table hijinks:
Man in motion, he's always on the run:
Admiring dad from the bathtub:
Enjoying a sucker on Christmas day (that sucker was in his mouth for 3-4 hours straight - Thanks Gramma - the dentist thanks you)
Smiles at 8 weeks:
Smiles on Christmas day (6 weeks)
Little hand:
Our beauty:

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