Jan 24, 2011

Birthdays and baby

This has been a month of birthdays and milestones. Isaiah's birthday is on Christmas so we postponed the party until January. He is now three years old and loving it. Miro also had his birthday this month but the celebrations were a bit more low key. Audrey is now in the double digits - 10 weeks that is.

Here's the birthday boys admiring their favorite little girl:
Birthday breakfast on Jan 9th:
The cake - chocolate as ordered:
The friend party - here he is jumping with his friend Erica:
The family party - opening presents from gramma & grampie:
The big birthday boy, Miro, enjoying his roastbeef dinner:
And Audrey:
A serious look:
Crouching in the snow:
Big smile:

All bundled up for a walk:

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