Dec 15, 2010

One month

Reporting from the trenches here. One month in and we've all survived. A month of change and a lot of sickness in our house hold. It all started with Isaiah and has now made it's way through the parents to Audrey. With her coughing and runny nose she's not sleeping as well so neither am I. For the first time I looked a bit enviously at Miro as he headed out the door to work. But I've found time to write a blog so it obviously isn't too bad.

A nice visit with friends always helps to cheer me up and Janice and Becca did that for me this morning.

On Monday was Audrey's one month birthday so we celebrated with cupcakes. Big brother obliged by blowing out the candles and eating two. Isaiah is much more interested in Audrey. Holding her and even giving her a bottle once. It's great to see his interest. This morning he was thrilled to report "She's making bubbles" as she gurgled at the breakfast table.

On the weekend we will be the holy family for a nativity reading. I told Isaiah on Monday and he spent the morning at daycare telling everyone that "Audrey will be the baby Jesus" He has chosen to be an angel and wore the tinfoil halo I made for him all morning as well.

His other favorite interest is Christmas. "Is it Christmas yet?" is a favorite refrain. We found a very small live Christmas tree and decorated it last weekend. We also put out our nativity and he was very excited about it all.

So in summary, we're doing well, surviving the cold and flu season and looking forward to the holy season. Blessings to all of you.
Blowing out the candels
Isn't she sweet?
Listening to Ferda Mravenec with Dad (early Czech lessons):
Isn't she sweet - take 2
The star
Feeding Sibling love

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