Dec 1, 2010

2.5 weeks

Audrey's growing and changing. Last week at the midwife appointment she was over her birthweight. It put our minds at ease about eating and growing. She is more alert after she feeds sometimes in the day time.

So far the votes are in favour of her looking more like Miro than me. Her skin is darker than Isaiah's was which definitely makes her look more like her dad. But with Isaiah everyone thought he looked like Miro until he started growing and putting on weight and then they thought he looked like me! My theory is that Miro looks like a newborn. :)

Big brother, Isaiah has had a bit of trying week with a really bad cold/cough, pink eye and an ear infection. None of this has kept him from making us laugh and getting on our last nerve (sometimes in the same 5 minutes). His new thing is saying 'What?, what?'. Luckily he's still pretty cute so he'll survive.

I'm on what seems to be the beginning of a second cold but over all surviving this newborn phase better than last go around. Still there is little or no change with the breast feeding supply. She breast feeds and then needs formula but she is doing well so we're not worried. Here's some eye-opened pics and some of Isaiah too:
At the park:
Favourite place for a walk, snuggled close:
Deep in thought:

A Grandma snuggle:
It's great to hear that laugh:


  1. Draha Christy, Audrey je krasna, opravdu krasna, zrovna jako Izejasek, jsme s otcem stastni ze ji vidime jak roste a moc ti za to dekuijeme, jste nase drahe deti, milujeme, Jane maminka

  2. Audrey is beautiful!!! I'm glad things are going well. I can't wait to come up and meet her although it's looking like it will be after Christmas. Life is so busy these days. :) Blessings on you all. Love Tracy