Nov 23, 2010

Audrey - 10 days old

he past 10 days have been very full as we've been welcoming little Audrey into our lives. Sadly last Wednesday we found out that Audrey had lost a lot of weight. I am not producing enough breast milk again and we now need to supplemen her with formula at every feeding. She also needed to go under the UV lights to clear up her jaundice. We were back in the hospital for 24 hours and she improved greatly and began to put back on the weight she had lost.

Now already a week later she is doing great. We all are. Isaiah has really warmed up to Audrey and you see that for the first time yesterday he asked to hold her. He's so gentle with her. We're looking forward to seeing that relationship grow.

Here's some more pics, snoozing:

Chillin' under the UV rays

Slender toes:

The boys visiting the girls in the hospital:
After her first bath:
Snuggling siblings:

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  1. These pictures are amazing Christy! I can't wait to meet her!