Sep 28, 2010

Life continues...

It's been a long time since I've updated here. Alot has happened as I'm sure most of you already know (if there's still anyone reading out there). After coming back from Czech we have now settled closer to family in Halifax, NS. It's been a year of many changes - new home, new jobs, start of day care and finding out that we're having another baby come the end of November.

I want to use the blog as a way of keeping friends and family who are still far away up to date on our life. It will have a real family focus as that seems to be my main focus. Lots of pictures and lots of family updates. Here's a taste of our life since March in NS.

After a long drive from Edmonton our little family posed for a photo in front of my parents home. They were gracious enough to put up with us for three months until our own house was ready.

A welcome site after days of driving - Welcome to Nova Scot...ia!

Miro dressed up for the big (and only) job interview for temporary position as a community developer for the municipality. He got the job and is loving it.

A new little maritimer!

First day of day care - tears on both sides of the door. But Isaiah has grown to like it at daycare and tells us all about his teachers. He still prefers to stay home on Tuesdays and Thursdays with mom but I think we're all enjoying the change of routine.

First dinner in our place. Lobster supper to thank the 'rents for all their hospitality and support.

Making a chocolate cake for Grampie's b-day.

Sister time.

The hiker returns. Having a 'cold' one at the highest point of NS with our friend James. Not quite the same as the rockies but a gruelling hike nonetheless.

Making new friends - Isaiah and Erica making music together.

It's a pirate loving coast.

Reminising and getting ready for baby on the day of the big hurricane.

Our first family camping trip. Everyone's happy having breakfast.

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  1. Thanks for the update Christy. It is good to see you again. I was thinking of Isaiah and the garbage truck the other day when Paul jumped up to check things out when the WM truck came down our lane.