Oct 15, 2009


Every Thursday morning is very exciting at our house. It is the day the garbage truck comes. Isaiah's love affair with the garbage truck started in June and 'odpadky' (garbage) soon became one of his first Czech words. Walking around town every time we see a garbage can we hear 'odpad'. And all through the week we have to keep telling him 'It's not coming today, you have to wait until Thursday.' Now he even helps his dad take the garbage can out to the curb, holding the handle and pulling it along. He is really a boy now and no longer a baby.

A few weeks ago Miro was praying with Isaiah before he went to bed on a Wednesday night. He was laying in Miro's arms dreamily and then all of a sudden he remembered about the garbage truck coming, sat up and said 'odpad'. The next day Miro was visiting his grandmother in the afternoon and told her this story. Afterwards she asked him, 'Do you really believe that?' refering to the fact that he and Isaiah had been praying. It opened up an opportunity for her to share her opinions and for Miro to share what and why he believed in God.

It was such a good reminder to me of what we are doing here. It's really as simple as this. We want to share our faith with people here but it's no different than the ways we want to share when we are in Canada. By living our lives, by being who we are and by watching for opportunities to share whenever they arise. Sometimes opportunities come more formally like when we hosted our Easter in Canada evening and other times more casually like this when we're talking about Isaiah's love of all things garbage.

We never know where we'll find glimpses of God, maybe even in the garbage can.

It's coming! (note the little head poking out the window).

Hey mama, did you see the garbage truck??!?

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