Sep 30, 2009

Isaiah retrospective

I've been wanting to post some pictures of Isaiah for awhile. Here are my favs from the past two months.
His favourite past time, playing at the sink. This is on an overnight stop in Germany on our way to Croatia in August. He was in heaven, they had a step stool in the bathroom.Kicking back in Croatia. Beating the heat with milk - as you can see it does a body good. :)
Historic water fun. Playing in the public drinking tap in a 14th century town in Croatia.
How do you survive a Slovenian traffic jam with a toddler?? The grandma solution - CHIPS!!
First time helping in the kitchen, making biscuits with mom.
Little hands make light work.
"Helping" dad with the dishes, this is really just a guise to play at the sink.
Such a serious washer. That cup in particular got very clean.
The post bathtub show.
Making friends with Colin in Prague (our friends Colin and June came to visit at the end of August. It was so great to tour Prague with some Canadian friends).
His new favourite toy, the train track. Usually he's standing around the table but he found a way to get even closer.
Learning new words is great but it definitely makes it harder to ignore him. Here he is sitting in the back pack waiting for a ride because he was incessantly saying 'ba pack' and taking us to where it was hanging.
Some pirate fun.

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  1. Hi Christie, all these pictures are very nice and reminds me how lovely your kid is. Alena