Jul 29, 2009

Headed to Northern Croatia

We are deep in holiday mode. We've been busy with day trips and family visits here in Litomerice. Tomorrow we are headed for a beach holiday to Croatia. We'll pick up a car in Prague and drive down through Austria to Opatija, Croatia for 5 days. We're looking forward to sun and relaxation together as we explore a new part of the world. New to us anyway.

Here's a few photos from the last little while. Our fountain lover: Decin chateau rose garden
Looking out on Decin from the chateau
Learning to drive part 1
Helfenburg castle
Riding out the storm in the horse stables
Supper with Iva and Milan (our pastor)
The fine art of kolac baking with Renata
Learning to drive part 2
The apartment in Hrdly where Miro spent his very early years (the roof painted by his father over 40 years ago)
The gang in Hrdly
At his old stomping grounds


  1. Your little man just gets cuter by the day! We miss you guys! xxx The Schoemans

  2. Hey guys! The pics are fantastic and its really nice to see what you are doing! We miss you as well and can't wait to see you! Jayne and the gang!xoxo

  3. I love how you narrate your journeys with pictures! I miss you guys, but the photos help the missing-the-Raks sickness.