Jun 1, 2009


Today after 3.5 months of applications and office visits we made our final trip to the foreign police office. This morning I received my residence card! We are so relieved that all of our paperwork is over and we can look forward to the next 6 months of our time here together. After leaving the foreign police we called my friend Marcela and Martin from Bethel to let them know the good news. We also stopped by to see Ivanka at work to let her know. Then we headed for a nice Czech lunch of goulash, rizek and beer to celebrate.

Afterwards we stopped by the city office and Miro was able to pick up his Czech identification card. We are completely legal now and very happy!! :)

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  1. Dear Christy and Mysko Pampulisko, we love you and congratulation Christy to your Czech Card. We are so happy for you!! Love, maminka