Jun 18, 2009

English garden party

Although an English Garden Party might sound a bit stuffy ours was not. Ours included a bbq, games and silly songs. Here we are doing the hokey pokey. You can see we were all having a good time being silly.

Today was a party with my english students from the class I teach with Marcela for children with their parents. We had a lot of food and fun in the garden of the Klubicko - Mother's Centre where the class is held. Our 12 students (6 children, 6 parents) were all there with the rest of their families.

I have been so thankful for this class each week. It has been a stretch for me lesson planning and teaching English. But it has reminded me of how much I enjoy interacting with children. Interacting with the children and parents has also been a good incentive to keep working on my Czech so I can communicate more and more.

It has been great working with Marcela who has become a fast friend here (she is standing next to me in the photo with her two year old on her shoulders). Scroll down to see some of the fun we had.
Marcela competing with one of the parents and program director at Klubicko.
Students 'fishing'.

The ring toss
The food

Isaiah found his spot slashing and making mud. Although he is standing alone here he is beginning to interact more with other children and he was running around after them all today.
Performing our 'Hello song' for all the families with Isaiah centre stage.

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