May 4, 2009

The past two weeks

Over the past few weekends we've been busy connecting with family and new friends. We've had Sunday lunch with a few families from church, we've gone to Prague to visit with Miro's aunt and cousins and we've been enjoying festival life in Litomerice. Every where we go we are enjoying such hospitality and way too much good food. Isaiah is always a hit and is beginning to enjoy making friendships with the kids we visit. On the left you can see he is thanking little Pavel for all the chocolate covered raisins he's sharing.

In the midst of all our visiting and travelling we're still busy with teaching classes and beginning to do some language tutoring and language exchanges. And of course finding time to hang out together. Here's some photo highlights.

After we eat lunch and spent the afternoon with Pavel, Vladka, Theodore, Jan and little Pavel (above) they took us to explore a cave near Litomerice:
Isaiah showing us he can put on his own shoes even if they are a bit too big for him:
Miro enjoying his 'new' vacuum cleaner. He found it in the garbage and brought it back to life, now we don't have to get down on our hands and knees to brush the dirt from the carpet in the living room. See those years of engineer training aren't going to waste!
With Aunt Alena in her beautiful backyard outside of Prague. We were enjoying lovely party with her friends reminiscent of Babette's Feast
On the train ride home from Prague our little man was transfixed by the sign displaying the next station. The light was just right. This was only moments before we found out we had sat in first class by mistake and would have to move. No wonder there were so many vacant seats.
In Petr and Monika's backyard with their children Pavel, Simon and Nela. Another great lunch and wonderful afternoon.
Last Wednesday Litomerice was host to a meeting of the EU. A festival was held in the main square with live music and shows for children. Here's Isaiah being a poster boy for a Europe without barriers:
Enjoying the music:
May 1st is a national holiday here in Czech. On April 30th in the evening there is a celebration of the end of winter. Apparently there was a burning of a straw witch. We didn't see it but we did catch the music, costumed kids and the big fire for roasting hot dogs.
The following morning we were up early and climbed to the top of Radobyl, one of the small mountains near Litomerice. It took us about an hour to get to the top with Isaiah asleep in the backpack. The views were amazing and we took time to relax in the field of yellow and purple wildflowers at the top over looking Lovosice.
Our walker:
Flower child:

Running in the field behind Bethel House where we enjoyed a camp fire with the youth group from church.
Modelling our new matching socks that a woman from church knit for us. A cozy surprise.
And finally, yesterday we were treated to an afternoon in the mountains with Illona (our landlady, in the orange shirt). She took us to her parents cottage in the mountains. We enjoyed a lot of food and walked around their property to see their gardens and the bees they keep. We are now enjoying our fresh honey.

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