May 22, 2009


Miro and I continue to enjoy every day with Isaiah. He is full of smiles and fun. He's always learning new things and becoming more a boy all the time. He still loves to observe everyone around him and has started exploring faces of other kids by pointing to their noses and eyes etc. The other kids aren't always as thrilled with his exploration but he still makes friends most places he goes. He's walking everywhere and is working on communicating with us through some signs, point to pictures in books and a few rudimentary words.

Our highlight yesterday was at the end of our visit at Miro's grandmother. As we were leaving we were all waving goodbye to encourage Isaiah. He was waving as he walked to the door but then came back waved at grandma and said something like 'Pa, pa' which the way that small children in Czech say goodbye then he proceeded back to the door. Like I said, more a little boy each day.

Here he is at a few of his most favourite past times lately - playing in the sand, building block towers and, of course, refueling with some ice cream.

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