Apr 8, 2009

Our Olympian

Isaiah seems to be doing new things everyday and improving on his old skills as well. This morning I made french toast. Of course Isaiah wanted to use a big fork just like me so under close watch I gave him one. He then practiced his food piercing skills with the diligence of an athlete. For a few minutes he kept working on the same piece. He would spear it, pick it up, take it off the fork and put it back on the plate to repeat the process over and over. It wasn't about eating this morning, it was about honing his skills. Just like an olympian practicing the same move over and over.

This might explain he move towards waking up at 5:30. We all know professional athletes have to get at it early. Although unlikely, Miro and I are hoping he'll move to a slightly later start time soon.

And for all you Isaiah lovers, here's a few shots from last weekend when we took the train to Roudnice. It was Isaiah's first train trip and he was decked out in his engineering hat from Grandma to boot.
With dad on the train
Waiting for the train with mom
A common sight wherever we go now - Isaiah walking!
And for all you curl lovers - here are his sneaking out from under his cap

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