Apr 20, 2009

The belated Easter post

On Friday evening we hosted our first event at Bethel, "Easter in Canada". We shared about Canada and the fact that there are many different cultures in Canada so that Easter is not the same through the country as it is in Czech. We shared about our experiences as children at Easter including chocolate and the Easter bunny. Miro shared about the new meaning that Easter has for him since he became a follower of Christ. Where it once was about the start of spring that would eventually end with fall and winter it now reminds him of the life that Jesus shares with us without death.

We had a lot of fun. Since we invited children we included some silly songs and a Easter egg hunt. I made hot cross buns with the help of Martin and Petra. Here we are in the kitchen at Bethel.
The results of our efforts:

Here are some of the results of the easter egg hunt on the face of Natalka (daughter of Robert, director of Bethel):
And a few highlights from our own Easter two weeks ago. Here we are with Ivanka and Pavlinka enjoying the bazaar at Ustek (a small town near Litomerice). The roast pig was very tasty!
Isaiah enjoying the sheep at the bazaar:
And finding a little easter basket just for him on Sunday morning:
Finally, on Easter weekend Miro participated in an event that took place in towns across Czech where the Bible was read for 72 hours straight in the main square. Miro had two of the graveyard shifts but here he is reading in the light of day:
May you all continue to enjoy the Easter season!

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  1. Celia Valel-ChurchApril 27, 2009 at 7:11 AM

    Hi Miro, Christy and Isaiah,

    Now that final exams are over, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed catching up on your blog, and looking at your pictures! I hope that your adventure continues to go well over the upcoming months. You are in our thoughts and prayers!