Apr 7, 2009


One of the great things about living here in Litomerice is Miro's family. They are so welcoming. These photos are from a few weeks ago when we spent a Friday evening at the cafe on the square. In this picture from left to right are Ivanka (Miro's cousin), Kveta (Miro's Aunt) and Pavel (Ivanka's husband) and of course Miro and Isaiah.

As we always do when we are together we had a great evening with lots of laughs. Ivanka has been a real host to us here. She is our interpreter of Czech culture and introduces us to all the great little spots that it would take us months to find on our own. In fact she first introduced us to this cafe that has great prices and a wonderful little kids corner where Isaiah loves to play. She is also my aqua areobics comrade.

Miro's aunt Kveta lives in another town a few hours away but is here every month to visit her mom, Miro's grandmother. Although Kveta knows little English and Ivanka is just learning I am able to communicate a bit with both and we always have lots of great laughs.

We've been visiting Miro's grandmother every week and it is a real blessing to get to know her over time rather than in one intense visit. Isaiah of course is a big hit with his Czech side of the family as you can see from these pictures.

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