Mar 3, 2009

Baby steps

I have been extremely negligent with blogging since we've arrived in Czech. It always seems to be the last thing on the list. So with yesterday's update and this blog I'm on a roll. I thought I'd give you what you've all been waiting for - More photos of Isaiah.

In the midst of the stress of reapplying for our visa and waiting for documents to arrive from Canada, Isaiah decided to grace us with his first steps today. That's right ISAIAH WALKED ACROSS THE KITCHEN COMPLETELY UNASSISTED! The photo on the left is of the new move he made up only moments after walking just to deny us the photo opportunity we had been waiting 14 months for.

We know, we know...this will forever change our lives, and for the next year or more we'll be running after him yelling "Come back here!", or whatever the Czech equivalent is, BUT we're the excited and proud parents nonetheless.

We really love this little guy and it's so wonderful to watch him enjoy the world and each new day. He's adjusted so well. Just yesterday I was remarking that I was amazed that he has settled so well into the constant stroller walks. In Canada he seemed to get restless so often in the stroller but here he seems happy as a clam. We're so glad he here with us on this adventure. Here's a some photos from the past few weeks.
This is the one and only time he was allowed to stand in this drawer and it was mostly because I was out of the room. Even without walking he's really been able to get into things.
The cutest laundry you'll ever see.
A new friend at his great-grandma's house
Just chilling in the stroller as usual. This is a shot of our street. Yes it looks like an alley because it is an alley but the great thing about Europe is you can live off an alley and it's not as bad as it sounds.
Making friends with Ivanka's dog Benno. Dogs are his new favorite thing and he always points them out when we are walking around. Given that many Czech dog owners do not clean up after their dogs we may have to teach him to point out all the dog doo to help us avoid it!
Ever the acrobat here he is romping on our bed.

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