Mar 17, 2009

At the cafeteria

During our second week here Martin introduced us to the Czech cafeteria. This is where you can get cheap and tasty Czech meals during the lunch hour. People come to sit and eat or bring there stackable plastic to go containers.

Each day there are four offerings that are displayed on a shelf as you enter the cafeteria. These meals usually consist of half a plate of potatoes/rice/bread dumplings and half a plate of meat, usually in some type of gravy. All this plus soup for a only 49-59CZK (roughly $3 CAD). As an added bonus they have a little corner for children to play and a high noise level so Isaiah's squeals go unnoticed.

Needless to say this has become a favourite spot, especially for Miro who can't seem to get enough of Czech food. Today Miro and Isaiah headed there without me. While they were having their lunch a mother with her two year old came in. Since it was quite crowded Miro was able to convince her to sit and have lunch at his table in the kids corner.

It's usually difficult to make a first connection here in Czech but she was willing and even spoke English. After awhile she mentioned that she had heard about some Canadians who were teaching English at the Mother's Centre and Miro was able to tell her that that Canadian is me! She was already signed up for the English class and we'll be seeing each other every Thursday when I teach.

It's encouraging to be able to make in-roads every now and then with these chance encounters. Miro's outgoing personality and fluency in Czech is such a gift here. Although I am continuing to work on my Czech I find it more challenging to initiate here where it is uncommon to connect with strangers in everyday situations. It takes time to make connections and will take even more time to really have some friendships develop here. We are trying to be patient and to have wisdom about when to intiate.


  1. Found your "postcard" again and decided to visit the blog. Keep walking in the way the Spirit leads you. He also control the bureaucracy.


  2. hi christy! how's are you guys?? hope that everything is doing great with your and your family. take care and we miss you.