Feb 17, 2009

One week

What a full week this last one has been. It is really hard to believe that we arrived last Tuesday. We have spent a lot of time visiting with family and connecting at Bethel House. As of tonight Miro has visited all of the four English classes that he will be taking over as the primary teacher on Thursday.

This weekend we headed on our first trip to Prague. Miro's cousins Patrik and Radka live on the outskirts of Prague and welcomed us to stay with them in their new home with their son Lukas and daughter Lada. On Sunday we ventured into the heart of the city to enjoy the views from their Zizhov tower (Prague version of the CN Tower). You can see Isaiah and me riding the underground rails of Prague's Metro.

So far we've enjoyed a lot of delicious Czech food - soups, schneizel, and gulas thanks to Miro's cousin Ivanka and Aunt Kveta in Litomerice and his Aunt Alena in Prague. We've also had a lot of fun connecting with the children of Miro's cousins. Isaiah makes such easy connections and loves watching and interacting with them all. Below you can see little Lada with her new best friend Miro. All day on Sunday we heard the refrain "Stryto, Stryto!" (Uncle, Uncle) and then saw her running to catch up to him.

By the lake with Lada, Alena, Patrik, Lukas, Radka and me

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