Jan 15, 2009

The Final Week

It's officially our last week in Edmonton. There are final goodbyes and trips to the bank and trips to the dentist and packing and packing and packing. It is an emotional time and our tempers seem to flare a bit but things seems good overall. It seems Miro and I have learned a lot over the last year and we're better able to resolve those tense moments quickly. I think that is going to come in handy over the next few weeks.

Miro is trying to enjoy his last days home alone with Isaiah in the midst of last minute errands. This morning they hung out at home enjoying one another. The result was a lesson in placing rings on a stacking tube with success. Our little man is gaining skills everyday.

We reminded again of what an easygoing little guy he is while we spent 2 hours at the bank this afternoon getting some things set up. He played on the floor, snagged a few cookies and charmed everyone working at closing time. As long as either Miro or I are close by and there are people to watch he's always a happy camper. I think he'll be the best traveller of the three of us.

Please continue to pray that our visa for entry into Czech will come before our February 9th leave date. We still haven't heard anything and are waiting. It seems a little like waiting for a baby to be born - you know it will come eventually but when is entirely
out of your control.
A few photos from the last few days:
1. Isaiah tasting an avocado shake at goodbye lunch after church
2. Sorting and packing toys
3. Goodbye take-out with Sheena, Sunil & Sidney
4. "I know it's in here somewhere"
5. It tastes so much better all over my face!

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