Dec 1, 2008

Was that a moonwalking bear?

Yesterday we visited Old Strathcona Vineyard (OSV) church to share about our Czech adventure. This was the fifth time we have made a church presentation and once again we were so encouraged and blessed.

Over the years that we have been in Edmonton we have met a number of people from OSV. It was a great time to reconnect with some familiar faces. We were encouraged as they gathered around us to pray for us and to remind us that God can do more for us that we can even imagine.

Our good friends from our church, Brennan and Julie (in the picture) came to support us. Isaiah was delighted to crawl and worship amid the waving ribbons, flags and flying stuffed animals. Terry, the pastor at OSV, challenged us through his teaching to anticipate, watch for and point out God at work in our lives. He showed this video to illustrate the need to anticipate the unexpected from God in the midst of our day to day lives - to watch for the moonwalking bear. Worship and teaching at OSV really is a multi-sensory experience. We're so glad we came!

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