Nov 11, 2008

Why are we going? Part 1

Some reasons why we are going:

An Open Door:
In May 2007, we both felt that it was time for Miro to end his time of working at Strathcona Baptist Church. While finishing his year as interim senior pastor he began to look for the next opportunity. After contacting the director at Bethel House and then ‘bumping into’ Jeff Carter (CBM missionary in Czech) it seemed that God was opening a door for us to go to Czech Republic on this short term mission. Although the preparation time has had a few bumps so far our excitement is growing and our purpose is clarifying.

Support Czech Christians: It was very meaningful to connect with Czech Christians during our 2006 trip. Belief in God is not common in Czech Republic and the church has been seen as a friend of the ruling regime. For those who are following Jesus the decision is made with a great deal of searching and with strong commitment. We are excited to be able to support Czech's who are reaching out in compassion and a desire to engage with people spiritually.

Family connections: After our holiday in Czech in 2006, Miro's connection with his extended family was strengthened and he is longing to strengthen that connection. We are both looking forward to introducing Isaiah to his great-grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Language development: Since Isaiah's birth, Miro has been speaking Czech to our little guy. This trip will be a great opportunity to stretch Miro's Czech muscles and give Isaiah a chance to be immersed in Czech for awhile instead of English. It's also challenging Christy to learn Czech in a more intentional way so that maybe one day we could speak as a family.

Testing the waters: We see this short term mission as a trial. The year time frame seems manageable as a first experience but also long enough to become engaged in that place. It will give us a chance to see how we manage as a couple and a family in a foreign place, but not too foreign.

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