Nov 27, 2008

Trip Update Nov. 2008

Things that have happened over the last month:

Visa application - its finally sent off and we’re hoping to receive our passports and the visa in the next 2 months.

TESL course (Teaching English as a Second Language) - Miro took a 5 day course in late Oct. for teaching English as a second language. With 7 other students he became energized about the 4 weekly courses he’ll be running. He’s now doing the second half of the course on-line (60 hours).

Family transitions - With her grandmother dying late Oct., Christy went home to the Maritimes to be with her family. Miro’s mother’s lung cancer has been confirmed (it spread from the colon cancer that she had last year), however the prognosis is quite good. She is starting treatment this month.

Fundraising - Praise God, we’ve raised the first 25% of $19,800. So far we’ve spoken at 4 churches and have one more in November and two in January. Folks from our home church have gone with us as we’ve visited other churches. In the next 2 weeks we will send out letters to friends and family. We’re humbled by people’s generosity, yet, sometimes our faith seems small and we wonder whether the Lord will provide what we need.

House situation - We now have 3 folks from our church who will be renting out our house for 2009. This will help to make it financially feasible for us to go overseas.

Postponing departure - We have decided to leave for Czech on Mon. Feb.9th instead of Jan.23 to give us time to finish all the arrangements. We will leave Edmonton around Jan.22th to visit family in Nova Scotia and Ontario.

Please pray: for our faith to grow that God will provide the resources we need; for wisdom as we ask non-Christians to partner with us; for doors to open, even before we come; for God to shape our characters as we work through all the details

Don't forget to pray for us, that God will open doors for telling the mystery of Christ ... Pray that every time we open our mouth we'll be able to make Christ plain as day. Colossians 4:3-4 (Message)

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