Nov 4, 2008

Teaching English Course

Last weekend I (Miro) took a 35 hour in-class course (plus 15 hours of homework) on Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). This course is to prepare me to teach English at Bethel House in Litomerice.

Our teacher was someone who had taught English in Taiwan for 8 years. So, with 7 other students, we plowed through lots of different material on learning a foreign language, doing a lesson plan, icebreakers, activities for various age groups and different teaching methods.

The highlight was on our last day, when each student had 15 minutes to teach the rest of the class 6 words from another language. Those of us who knew other languages were invited to teach the whole time using a 2nd language. I taught in Czech the whole time, which was actually quite a bit of fun. This exercise helped me realize that, using only the language you're trying to teach, rather than switching back and forth, students can pick up the new language a lot faster.

I still have another 60 hours of online work to do in the next two months. Frankly this course has made me excited about teaching English, which I've discovered can be a lot of fun.

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