Nov 4, 2008

How to Donate (How to Partner with us Financially)

Financially this trip will cost about $19000. This covers flights, medical insurance, living costs, some administrative funds (like getting a visa), etc. We won't be getting any type of salary or remuneration; the money donated is exclusively just to cover costs for the year.

The missions organization that we are partnering with is Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM, They are handling all the donations. All of the money will go towards our administration, travel and living expenses. If you would like to partner with us financially, there are several different ways to do this.

First, please let us know that you are donating money - either by phone (780-988-9762) or email ( or CBM cannot disclose who is donating due to privacy concerns. So if you don't let us know, we will never find out its you!

Second, decide how much to give. Obviously some of you will be interested to make a one-time donation. But are you one of the folks who might partner with us through a monthly donation? Perhaps $20, 50, even $100 monthly from Jan. to Dec. 2009? If so, please contact CBM either by email or phone to get details on how to do this through a chequing account or a credit card.

Finally, here are ways of donating:
  • donate online at and click on "Short Term Missions"
  • email '' with your credit card info (name on card, credit card type, number, expiry, amount to donate, and if donating monthly, how many times)
  • call CBM at (905) 821 3533 with your credit card info
  • mail CBM, 7185 Millcreek Drive, Mississauga ON L5N 5R4 either with a cheque or with your credit card info
All donations over $10 are tax-receiptable. Again, please let us know if you are partnering with us financially - we would love to be in contact with you about our progress.

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