Nov 11, 2008

First Snow

For those of you who live in Edmonton (or ever have), you'll join us in our amazement that we made it all the way to November 11 before our first snow of the year. For all of you non-Edmontonians, you'll wonder why we live here! As always seems the way, in the dark, quiet of the night winter arrived unexpectedly (except for those weather network fanatics!). We woke to a world of soft white all around.

As any new mommy would, I excitedly pulled out the snowsuit bought last spring at a garage sale filled with visions of Isaiah skirting around the backyard in wonder and amazement at the world of white. Instead I got a navy blue michelan man wondering how to move his arms, let alone his whole body, sitting in an inch of wet snow.

With only a few tears and one or two giggles we initiated our little guy into the world of snow. It's not really his first snowfall and I'm sure it won't be his last so he's got lots of time to get into it!

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