Nov 18, 2008

Books and Babies

Every week Isaiah and I go to the public library for one of their baby programs. For 4 weeks we went to the Baby and Books program. It was here that Dad was relieved of his concern that Isaiah might be illiterate, given that every time we would play with books at home, Isaiah would rather do other things. Instead Dad learned how to relax and make sure that lots of board books were just available so Isaiah could get used to them.

Last week we went to a Sing, Sign, Laugh and Learn group. Besides all the cool rhymes and songs we learned, Isaiah was able to play in a wooden ship that they had. Plus a huge parachute that was used to introduce a new song.

Nowadays Isaiah has learned how to turn the pages on most board books. His favourite, Bathtime Peekaboo, has a fold on each page that hides a peekaboo animal - he loves unfolding the pages and then touching the inside, especially the felt fabric of a little penguin. I guess Dad doesn't have to worry about illiteracy at this point!

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