Oct 18, 2008

It's Off!

Well after several weeks of work, waiting, writing and worrying, this little piece of paper is proof that our visa application is in the mail. A total of about 40 pages, the application contains health coverage, bank statements, our letter of invitation from Bethel, flight details, even our passports.

Now this little package is headed for the Czech Embassy in Ottawa. Once they receive it, a woman called, Ms. Kratochilova ("Ms. Short Moment", literally) will give us a call and tell us how long she things it might take. Now the website says it will at most be 120 days, but she says that the maximum is 90, which would take us roughly to Jan.23, our departure date from Toronto. So, we'll have to learn the fine art of hopeful waiting at this point!

And oops, I wrote Embassy of the Czech Embassy. I'm sure they'll still get it.

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