Oct 8, 2008

Rocky Mountain Highs & one low

Last night I was excited to upload some pictures from our great fall weekend in Jasper. I was so excited thinking of the golden hues, mountain landscapes and our little hiking nymph that I got things out of order and deleted before saving so the pictures are no more. Alas.

But we did have a great weekend. We got to spend time with our friends Sandy and Rich (the pastor at Jasper Baptist Church). Their kids enjoyed playing with Isaiah. We felt so encouraged by our conversations with them.

On Sunday morning we made our first church presentation about our mission to Czech. We received a warm reception and much prayer encouragement. We enjoyed a potluck lunch after church where Isaiah couldn't get enough of the casseroles they were serving.

We were then off to hike the Valley of the Five Lakes trial, then to our cabin at Patricia Lake. The next day we walked around Pyramid Island, got some Bear Paw bakery snacks for the ride home and headed off. On the way home we 'discovered' a Pembina Provincial Park where we hiked along the river. As usual, Isaiah was a great little traveller enjoying the hikes and flashing his smile to the people we met on the way. We all felt refreshed when we got home.

Needless to say, the pictures were great. Hopefully the memories won't disappear so easily.

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