Sep 28, 2008

Where are we going?

The short answer to this question is Litomerice, Czech Republic. It is a small town (apx. 25,000) 50 minutes north of Prague. It also happens to be the town where Miro was born and lived until his family immigrated to Canada when he was 3 years old.

In 2006 we took a holiday to Czech to meet Miro's family and to give Christy a chance to see where Miro was from. It had been 20 years since Miro had last visited and 17 years post communism. Even three weeks was not enough to capture the beauty and history of this little central European country but we did our best! We spent lots of time in Prague visiting family and the many sites. We traveled around to Tanvald, Cesky Raj, Hradec Karlove, Cesky Krumlov and Telc. We were also able to spend a number of days in Litomerice visiting with Miro's grandmother, aunts and cousins.

Before we left on the trip we decided to investigate about opportunities with mission organizations in Czech. This is when we first found out that Canadian Baptist Ministries (the mission organization for our local church) was working in Czech and, to our great surprise, that they had strong connections to a mission started by local Czech people in Litomerice. Another surprise was that a young woman, Erin, who Christy had grown up with at her home church in Bedford, NS, was serving there as an ESL teacher.

So we visited Bethel House and met with the directors on that trip. We were able to see the youth drop in centre and halfway house. Then we spent some time hanging out with Erin in the cafe and on Sunday we went to the church next door. It is exciting to be going to live and serve there for a short time and to bring Isaiah along for the ride this time. All of these connections have seemed very providential for us which is why this is really also a journey home.

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