Sep 29, 2008

What will we be doing?

Our primary role is as English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers or tutors at Bethel House in Litomerice. Many Czech people are interested in learning English, especially from a native speaker. Miro is taking ESL training in Edmonton before we leave and will be in the main teaching role. He will be teaching 4 courses at a time (1 beginner, 1 intermediate and 2 advanced classes). These classes run for 3 months at a time.

Less formally, we are both hoping to make connections with some of the students to meet one-on-one for tutoring or conversation practice. I am hoping to connect with some new mothers who would be interested in doing language exchange where I would help them with English and they would help me with Czech.

The classes and language exchange will give us a chance to develop relationships with local Czech people. Our hope is that as relationships develop that we would be able to engage in conversation about the Christian motivation for the work at Bethel house, to learn where these new friends are in their spiritual journeys and to share our own journeys.

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